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State Preschool Program

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Interested in this program? 

Please complete the document below-titled Eligibility Questionnaire and mail it here:


Attn. Director of Early Childhood Education

8750 Dorsett Drive 

Huntington Beach CA 92646


Please contact us at (714) 378-2033 to confirm office hours and location.


You may return it in-person to Perry Elementary, School Readiness Office, 19231 Harding Lane, Huntington Beach, CA.   


We will gather this information on a year-round basis and enroll as space allows.

Registration Packets (to be completed only after your initial certification meeting with our office): 

Documents For Enrollment Only: 

Our office will contact you once we have received and reviewed the Eligibility Questionnaire.  Additional documents will be completed in our office after we have contacted you regarding your eligibility.  

During this meeting, you will bring in:

  • Original birth certificates for every child under the age of 18 counted in your family size
  • Documentation of all countable income, including Gross Monthly Income, Public Assistance, Disability/Unemployment, Workers Compensation, Spousal Support, Child Support, Survivor Benefits, Retirement Benefits, Dividends/Interest, Rental Income, Foster care grant, Financial assistance for the child, Veterans pension, Annuity/Pension, Inheritance, Housing included in pay, Auto included in pay, Student loan living expenses, Insurance settlements, Net gain from the property, and other income. 

Additional Information for Enrolling Families:

State Preschool Snack Menu


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State Preschool Handbook 

*2021-22 Handbook is currently being revised for the new year*