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Health Services


Medications: It is recommended that medication is administered at home, as the Preschool Academy is a part-day program.  In the case that your child needs to maintain emergency medication in the Preschool Academy Program, we must have the written request of the parent and written order by the child’s physician. 

In order to store and/or administer any medication in the Preschool Academy, ALL of the below criteria must be met: 

1. A written statement signed by the licensed authorized health care provider/dentist specifying the reason for the medication, the name, dosage, time, route, side effect; and specific instructions for emergency treatment must be on file at school.
2. A signed request from the parent/guardian must be on file at school.
3. Medication must be delivered to the school by the parent/guardian or another responsible adult.
4. Medication must be in your child's original, labeled pharmacy container written in English.
5. All liquid medication must be accompanied by an appropriate measuring device.
6. If pill splitting is required to obtain the correct dose of medication to be administered, only pills that are scored may be split, scored pills may be split in half only, and a commercial pill-splitting device should be used for correct splitting.
7. Over-the-counter medication that has been prescribed by an authorized health care provider must be in its original container.
8. A separate form is required for each medication.

Health Forms are available on the Student Health Services web page.


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